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24 May/2021

Words to Include or Delete From Your Resume

You understand that your resume is a super important aspect of the job application process. You may not understand that a resume can be equally detrimental as it helps land your next job. If your resume is filled with empty language or buzzwords that mean nothing, it could actually turn off a hiring recruiter. Keep reading to learn which words to include and which words to leave off of your resume.

Good Work Ethic

Now the term "good work ethic" may sound great to you, but to a hiring manager who is plowing through dozens or maybe even hundreds of resumes this term tells them very little. Every other person is putting this term in their resume as well or they are putting some variation of it. Other variations include, "hard worker" or "hard-working."

Instead of telling a company, you are a hard worker, you should show them instead. Every time you want to use the term work ethic or hard-working, choose instead to use "achieved." However, you will be required to show exactly what it was that you achieved with this word. In this way, you will be showing not telling how you are hard-working. Give concrete examples of how you were a hard worker and what was achieved through that.

Excellent Communication Skills

This one can be tricky because many job descriptions specifically ask for applicants with excellent communication skills. The problem here is that the job recruiter is going to have heard this phrase a million times. You can better show you have good communications skills by writing clearly and detailing what communications skills look like for you on a daily basis. Listening, responding, and putting the information into action.

You want your resume to work for you not against you. Choose words carefully in order to create a more powerful resume.

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