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17 May/2022

What "We've Decided To Go With Another Candidate" Really Means

After interviewing with a prospective employer, you open your email and find that dreaded rejection letter. Ouch. You see these words somewhere between the middle and end of the letter – "We've decided to move forward with another candidate." Ouch again. The meaning of those words can vary, but they most likely have one of the following interpretations:

Someone Else Interviewed Better

Interviews carry a lot of weight with specific employers. Thus, it's possible that you didn't interview well, and someone else was more confident or personable. Situations like that are 50/50. Sometimes, managers see your potential through the awkwardness, and sometimes they judge your abilities by your interview style.

You Wanted Too Much Money

You may have wanted more pay than the employer was willing to offer. Many workplaces feel like so many people are on the job market that they can fill their slots for much less. That isn't inherently wrong for a business to do, but it might be unfortunate for you.

Your Qualifications Didn't Match

You could have been overqualified for the job, which means you would have expected raises, promotions, appreciation, etc. Also, employers prefer to bring in people who aren't set in their ways. Alternatively, you might not have had the qualifications they were looking for, and maybe another applicant did. It seems like a catch-22 sometimes, but that's how it works. Your qualifications and experience have to be right in the middle to where you know more than the average person, but you're still malleable.

The Interviewer Wasn't Feeling You

Maybe the interviewer didn't like you. Managers generally hire people that vibe with them and share the same values and personality traits. A huge variance may have sealed your fate with the job, but it doesn't mean you're a bad person.

Prospective employers could find better ways to let applicants down easily, but they usually don't. Try not to think too much about it and keep moving forward with your search. Any job you don't land isn't meant for you to have.

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