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21 December/2021

Tips to Liven Up Your Cubicle

Just because you work in a cubicle all day doesn’t mean you have to be in a drab place for eight hours. Remember, your cubicle is your own private space. As long as you adhere to company policies, there’s no reason you can’t liven up your cubicle!

Install a Pinboard

A pinboard is like a cushion. Anything you pin to it won’t harm it. If your cubicle is made of some hard material or your boss won’t let you pin anything to it, just lean the pin board against the cubicle walls so you can pin away!

Bring in Your Own Lamp

Office lamps are so boring! Bring in your own lighting to liven up things a bit. Ideas include a lava lamp, holiday twinkle lights or just a standard table lap with a cozy shade.

Have a Plant

A real plant will do wonders for your morale, especially in winter. Consider a mini Bonsai, a fern or even a flowering cactus. Set yourself up with a little spray bottle to spritz the leaves when your colleagues are stressing you out.

Bring in the Teddy!

A small plush animal will keep you company on those long workdays. Even though it’s not real, it can feel like you have a sympathetic companion looking at you and being your best buddy when you’re feeling bored.

Have Entertainment

Speaking of boredom, get yourself a mini desk activity for in-between mundane tasks. Consider a small zen garden with a mini rake, a tiny little golf putting green or something else. Just make sure you choose a quiet “toy.” Mini pinball machines are out of the question!

Surprisingly, your boss will probably love your newly outfitted cubicle. Livening it up makes it look like you’re there to stay, which every boss appreciates!

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