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19 March/2021

Three Great Jobs for Detail-Oriented People

If you're a detail-oriented person, it means you enjoy looking at things closely to find errors. You also don't mind spending a lot of time alone doing solo work. The following are three jobs that might be suitable for you if you have that type of personality:


A proofreading position might be the perfect job for you if you want to work in an office and analyze text. Proofreaders can work for a variety of organizations, such as magazines and newspaper companies. They can even work as independent contractors if that suits their lifestyles more closely. The average salary for a proofreader in the UK is approximately £25,255 annually. You can earn more with your experience and credentials.


Auditors usually work in hotels, restaurants, and other establishments to ensure that all paperwork and payments are being processed accordingly. An auditor may go through each daily business transaction one at a time and search for potential errors. Auditors can also have high-end jobs inside of insurance agencies and banks. For that reason, the salary could be well over £50,000. This would be an excellent position for you as a detail-oriented person. You'll feel a sense of purpose, and you'll complete a job that truly makes you happy.

Quality Control Specialist

As a quality control specialist, you may want to work in a warehouse checking finished products as they pass through the conveyor belt. You could also work for an electronics company or any other type of business. Job opportunities are expansive in this field, and your salary could vary greatly. For example, you could earn £79,000 as a quality control specialist for a software company.

Now you know of three jobs where you could succeed if you get hired. Use this information in your next job search to help you land the perfect position.

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