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22 September/2021

Child and Family Service Worker - Is It Right For You?

Being a child family services worker in the UK can be fruitful for you if you have the right personality for it. You can earn as much as £34,033 each year and be happy that you're partaking in something so nurturing for children and their families. These are the qualities you'll need to have to make it in the field:


Patience is the first quality you'll need to have if you want to work as a child and family services worker. Your job could entail a variety of tasks, up to and including supervising meetings between parents and children that might get emotional. You'll need to have the patience to console the people you're working with and help them get through difficult issues if any arise.

Love for Children

You must have a love for children if you want to work as a family services worker. The job revolves around the idea of protecting children and always doing what's best for them. Thus, you must have a strong sense of children's welfare. It will be better if you have your own children or are experienced playing a part in raising children. You can still qualify for a job as a child and family services worker if you don't. However, being a parent might give you a better understanding of some issues that arise among families.

Attention to Detail

You will most likely have to write reports on the children and adults you encounter in your job tasks. Thus, you'll need to be someone who pays close attention to detail and enjoys writing reports and improving your skills at all times.

A child and family services worker position might be right for you if you have the qualities mentioned above. Many such positions are available, and you might be able to find one soon if you do a search. 

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