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18 October/2021

Can Previous Employers Discuss the Details of Your Termination?

You might be wondering if a former employer has the right to tell your current employer the intricate details of your termination. Doing so could be a problem if you lost your job due to misconduct or multiple attendance issues. Here's some information about the reason for termination and what employers can say about you:

Can Employers Say Why You Were Fired?

A former employer has the right to discuss any details of your employment, including the reasons you were separated from your position. Thus, they can inform the other employer if you resigned from the company and did not provide notice. They can also notify the prospective employer if you did something they consider as misconduct, thievery, and the like. Many employers choose not to provide information about former employees except for their termination dates. However, each employer can disclose the information they want to disclose at their discretion.

How to Handle Discussing the Issue

It's in your highest interest, to be honest about the reason you lost the job if the employer asks. You could try to defend yourself in the situation if you lost the job because of attendance points during an illness. It isn't much you can do about misconduct, though. The only thing you can do is leave that particular employer out of your list if it's an older job that only lasted for a short time. In that case, the information may hurt you more than it will help.

Now you know that a former employer has the right to discuss the reason they terminated you. Fortunately, most employers won't go that far unless they feel it's necessary to warn the other company about your behaviour or practices. The new employer may be willing to work with you if you're forthcoming about the issue.

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