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19 January/2021

6 Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

It’s just as important to know what not to say in a job interview as it is to know the right things to say. Here’s a rundown of things you should never say in a job interview.

1. Will I have to work overtime?

This sounds like you’re a clock watcher; one of those people who sit and watch the clock all day long until you can race out of there the second your shift is over. If you’re really worried about working overtime, just mention that you have other responsibilities after work and ask if that will be a problem.

2. How many vacation days will I get?

Of course, everyone wants to know this, but don’t ask about it during the interview. You’ll find out all the details from the HR department after you get hired. Be patient.

3. How did I do?

This isn’t the way to get feedback on your interview. Instead, a more mature question is to ask, “Can I expect to hear from you shortly?”

4. What’s my boss like?

This sounds very casual and it’s not the right way to ask about the person you’ll be working under. Instead, say, “Can you please tell me a little about my immediate supervisor?”

5. Have other people quit this job?

Learning that there has been a revolving door of people in the job before you is a sign that the job might be bad. But don’t ask how many people have quit. Just ask how long the previous person worked there.

6. How long do I have to wait until I’m promoted?

This sounds like you’re not even interested in doing the job you’re interviewing for. Just ask if the company promotes from within. That will give you your answer.

Memorize this list so you can be sure not to say the wrong things during your next interview.

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