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21 December/2021

Tips to Liven Up Your Cubicle

Just because you work in a cubicle all day doesn’t mean you have to be in a drab place for eight hours. Remember, your cubicle is your own private space. As long as you adhere to company policies, there’s no reason you can’t liven up your cubicle!

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17 November/2021

Figuring Out Your Hourly Rate When You're Self-Employed

At some period in time, you may need to calculate your pay rate as an entrepreneur. Maybe you want to compare it to the pay rate you earn when you work for employers to see if you're doing well by working on your own. Maybe you need to figure out your salary to answer questions for another person. These are some steps to figuring that out for yourself:

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18 October/2021

Can Previous Employers Discuss the Details of Your Termination?

You might be wondering if a former employer has the right to tell your current employer the intricate details of your termination. Doing so could be a problem if you lost your job due to misconduct or multiple attendance issues. Here's some information about the reason for termination and what employers can say about you:

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