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18 October/2021

Can Previous Employers Discuss the Details of Your Termination?

You might be wondering if a former employer has the right to tell your current employer the intricate details of your termination. Doing so could be a problem if you lost your job due to misconduct or multiple attendance issues. Here's some information about the reason for termination and what employers can say about you:

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22 September/2021

Child and Family Service Worker - Is It Right For You?

Being a child family services worker in the UK can be fruitful for you if you have the right personality for it. You can earn as much as £34,033 each year and be happy that you're partaking in something so nurturing for children and their families. These are the qualities you'll need to have to make it in the field:

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17 August/2021

How to Navigate Your Job When You Have a Digestive Disorder

Digestive disorders can be quite troublesome when you're trying to navigate a job. Fortunately, you can work around it if you take the right steps. The following are some tips for navigating your job when you have a digestive disorder:

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