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5 December/2022

Is December a Bad Time to Apply for a Job?

It’s December and the holiday season is in full swing. With so many companies offering seasonal jobs, it can be easy to forget about your job search. But should you really put your job search on hold during this busy time of year? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of applying for a job during the holidays.

Pros of Applying During December

One advantage of applying during the holiday season is that there are fewer applicants, which increases your chances of landing an interview. The holidays are an especially ideal time to apply if you’re looking for a seasonal role. Retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments often need extra help around the holidays, and hiring managers may be more inclined to hire someone who is already available and ready to work.

Another advantage of applying during this time of year is that there is typically less competition from recent graduates or those just entering the workforce. Many students wrap up their studies in May or June, so by December, they have already secured their first job or internship. This means that your resume may get more consideration than usual since there are fewer young professionals vying for positions at this time of year.

Cons of Applying During December

In some cases, applying for a job during December can actually hurt your chances if employers are not actively recruiting at that time. It takes resources to review applications, schedule interviews, and onboard new employees—all tasks that employers may not have the capacity to do while they focus on other important matters like meeting quarterly sales goals or wrapping up projects before the end of their fiscal year. Additionally, many businesses close their doors between Christmas and New Year’s Day; therefore it would make sense to wait until after the holidays before submitting any applications or resumes.

Overall, whether or not you should apply for a job in December depends on your individual circumstances and career goals. If you're looking for a seasonal role, then now is an excellent time! However, if you're seeking something more long-term it's probably best to wait until after the New Year when hiring managers will be less preoccupied with other priorities. Good luck!

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