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12 September/2022

Three Top Jobs for Independent Thinkers

Independent thinkers love to analyze situations, develop unique strategies, and solve problems. These individuals aren't afraid to make decisions that sometimes go against the grain. These are some jobs that could be perfect for someone with this type of problem resolution and decision-making style:

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10 August/2022

Signs You're Trying Too Hard at Work & What To Do

Sometimes, workers want so badly to make a good impression on their bosses and coworkers that they try too hard. This might be the case with you. These are some signs that you are putting forth too much effort to fit in and what you can do about it:

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8 July/2022

What to Say When Asked to Tell About Yourself

Most job candidates dislike being asked the question, “Tell me about yourself.” Not only does it feel awkward to talk about yourself, but most people have no idea what to say in response to that question.

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